Luxury Beach House and Villa | One of the best weekends we ever had!
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One of the best weekends we ever had!

14 Mar One of the best weekends we ever had!

Let me just say early on that it was one of the best weekends we ever had!

We had long wanted to organize a reunion for our leadership teams from our Cebu and Manila locations. As we were a diverse group of 27, our intention was to ensure that we booked a place that catered to the peculiar needs of every individual. Of course, we wanted everyone to also relax and have a good time. The group agreed to look for a place by the beach with its own pool. The last criterion was that we should have the place all to ourselves.

The beach villa that Mark rented out to us for that weekend was all that we wanted- and more. Every luxury we would usually find in a posh resort hotel was there, from the comfortable beds, to the large bathrooms, to the entertainment system in every room (the Bose sound system outfitted for every room was simply amazing!), even to the interior designing! We did not need to worry about a thing as Yvette and her staff of 7 made sure all the rooms were always clean, that home style food was always warm and ready for us, that our beer was cold and refreshing (it was a reunion, after all). The lights that played around in and by the pool, plus the perfect Cebu sunset, were more than ideal.

Indeed, it was the quintessential start to our summer! If you do choose to spend the weekend at the villa, know that it is not only a  great choice, but a highly recommended one as well!

Edward Caine Amper