Luxury Beach House and Villa | Wonderful Experience
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Wonderful Experience

05 Feb Wonderful Experience

My family and I stayed at The beach House during November last year. We had a wonderful time.

I have a young family, my daughter is 2 years old and my son 8 months. They really enjoyed the open space and played in the pools all day. The staff were great with the children and respectful to our wishes. The intervened when we asked and gave us some space at other times. The support they gave provided us with some time to relax. The villas are close enough to put the children to bed and enjoy dinner or a glass of wine outside without worrying.

The food was fantastic, I was very impressed with Christina’s ability to cook what every you requested from any part of the world ! The sea food and particularly the fish was excellent.

The villa’s are very comfortable, modern and of the quality you would expect.

We had no problems with security, people waved and smiled, I freely walked around the village and on the beach talking to the shop owners and fishermen.

We enjoyed it so much we are going back next week, at short notice, I was able to book a short trip for my wife’s birthday.

Ben Bearcroft